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You're here because you joined our review club and this is our latest offer. It's the Gardenite Heavy Duty 8 Inch Folding Pruning Hand Saw -With Tri- Edge Japanese Steel Blade!
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    It is completely up to you whether you post a review, if you do decide to post one, please do NOT leave a disclaimer like this "I received the product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review."
    Amazon is actually blocking and deleting reviews that include this disclaimer!
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    As part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we send out 2 x automated follow up emails to all EQUINOX VIP Club members who accept each free product. This is to ensure that everything is going okay with the product and to remind club members to send feedback.
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    Anyway that's it!

    We hope that you enjoy receiving free products in our EQUINOX VIP club and look forward to your feedback.
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Our latest product is the Gardenite Heavy Duty 8 Inch Folding Pruning Hand Saw - Tri Edge Japanese Steel Blade. Yours Free!
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